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At Steve’s Farm in Walnut Hill, Florida, nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts will find a delightful selection of outdoor decor and top-quality gardening tools.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space or cultivate a thriving garden, this charming country store has you covered

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Unique and useful items of horseshoe art by Andy and Carol Armstrong of Cantonment, Florida will pique your interest.  Lamps, paper towel holders, cell phone holders, boot racks, and other rustic conversation pieces are awaiting your discovery here! Custom work including family, business, and horse names can be ordered.

Amish Farms Handmade Soap

Indulge in the luxurious simplicity of Amish Farms handmade soap, made with natural and wholesome ingredients, Amish Farms soap is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. Each bar is infused with the essence of simplicity and purity, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, nourished, and beautifully scented. With a range of delightful fragrances to choose from, such as lavender, honey, and oatmeal, these handcrafted soaps offer a truly indulgent bathing experience. Treat yourself to the artisanal luxury of Amish Farms handmade soap and elevate your daily routine to new levels of bliss.

Whispering Pines Farm Candles

Experience the warm embrace of our artisanal soy wax candles, thoughtfully crafted with lead-free cotton wicks and infused with clean-burning scent oils. At The Whispering Pines Farm, we take pride in the meticulous art of hand-pouring each candle in small, exclusive batches. Our commitment to quality ensures that every flicker illuminates not just your space, but your moments, creating an ambiance that’s as pure as the ingredients we use. Discover the soothing radiance of nature’s finest, encapsulated in every candle we create.                              —Melissa, Chumuckla, Florida


Magic Kiln Pottery

Embark on a journey of artistic wonder with the exquisite pottery pieces from The Magic Kiln Pottery. Larry Manning, a master potter, creates captivating works of art using his skillful hands and an ancient kiln. Each piece tells a unique story, showcasing Larry’s passion for pottery and his deep connection to the earth. From delicate vases adorned with intricate patterns to rustic bowls with organic textures, The Magic Kiln Pottery offers a range of stunning and functional pieces that elevate any space. Whether you’re seeking a centerpiece for your dining table or a statement piece for your art collection, this pottery brings elegance and artistic flair to your home.

A Backwoods Artist Leathercraft

Genuine high quality leather is vegetable tanned, then worked into scabbards, holsters, knife sheaths, wallets, belts, checkbooks and many other lovely pieces. Vegetable tanning allows for carving and stamping, making possible tooled wallets and other custom designs. 

 Oil tan / chrome tan leather is used for wallets and bags, such as duffel bags, and is available in many colors and weights. It is more durable and softer than vegetable tanned leather. 

What started as making a knife sheath for a gift, has turned into a business, and Nancy and Shelia now enjoy a local following for their custom creations! 

Mexican Woodcraft and Planters

Experience the charm of imaginative handcrafted decorative planters, bowls and boards from Mexico.  Each piece is a testament to the rich artistic heritage of Mexico, showcasing the intricate detailing and skillful techniques of the artisans. These pieces exude warmth, character, and a touch of cultural charm. Whether you’re looking to add a unique accent to your home decor or create a stunning display for your favorite plants, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and artistic beauty. Elevate your space with the authenticity and craftsmanship of these remarkable creations, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Mexico’s artistic traditions.

Local Crafts, Bird Feeders

We feature bird feeders, side tables, picnic tables, kids’ picnic tables, carpenter bee traps, hot pads and other locally handcrafted items.

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