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Your taste buds will be tantalized with our exquisite selection of specialty meats and cheeses, spices, canned goods, gourmet drinks , syrup and so much more.

Steve’s Farm offers you a passport to a world of tantalizing tastes.

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Specialty Meats and Cheeses

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with an exquisite selection of specialty meats and cheeses. Indulge in a culinary adventure as you explore an array of carefully curated offerings, each chosen for their exceptional quality and unique flavors. From Sweet Lebanon bologna, trail bologna and pit smoked summer sausage to cheese curds and hoop cheddar, the selection of meats and cheeses at Steve’s Farm is a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning a charcuterie board for a special occasion or simply looking to elevate your everyday meals, these specialty meats and cheeses will add a touch of gourmet elegance to your culinary creations. Experience the finest flavors and discover new taste sensations at Steve’s Farm!

Conecuh Sausage

Savor the mouthwatering flavors of Conecuh Sausage, a true Southern delicacy that embodies the essence of traditional hickory-smoked goodness. Hailing from the heart of Conecuh County, Alabama, this legendary sausage is crafted using time-honored recipes and premium-quality ingredients. Each succulent bite of Conecuh Sausage is an explosion of savory and smoky perfection, created through a meticulous smoking process over real hickory logs. Whether you choose their classic Original flavor, spicy Hickory, Cajun, Black Pepper, or All Natural, Conecuh Sausage delivers a taste that is rich, robust, and undeniably satisfying. Pick up a package of Conecuh Bacon or the Conecuh Franks, and take home a shaker bottle of the Conecuh seasoning for your grilling gusto!  Whether grilled, pan-fried, or used as an ingredient in your favorite recipes, Conecuh Sausage promises to elevate your culinary experiences and transport your taste buds to the heart of Southern comfort.


Embark on a journey of culinary exploration with the exceptional selection of spices. Discover a world of flavors as you peruse the wide array of aromatic herbs and spices lining the shelves. From exotic blends to familiar favorites, these spices are handpicked for their exceptional quality and freshness. Elevate your dishes with a dash of cumin and cilantro flakes, add depth with a pinch of smoked paprika, or awaken your taste buds with the warmth of cinnamon. Whether you’re an adventurous chef or a home cook seeking to enhance your recipes, the spices at Steve’s Farm offer a passport to a world of tantalizing tastes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of flavors and let your culinary creations shine with the finest spices from Steve’s Farm.

Amish Wedding Canned Goods

Experience the wholesome goodness and traditional flavors of Amish Wedding canned goods. These delectable foods are made with time-honored recipes handed down through generations of Amish tradition. From jams and jellies bursting with ripe fruit flavors to savory pickles and relishes that add a delightful crunch to your meals, Amish Wedding canned goods bring the taste of homemade goodness to your table. Each jar is filled with the finest ingredients, carefully selected and processed to preserve their natural flavors and freshness. Choose Southern hot chow chow, watermelon rind preserves, pickled okra, canned peaches, and many, many more.  Whether you’re seeking a spread for your morning toast or a zesty accompaniment to your favorite sandwiches, Amish Wedding canned goods offer an authentic taste of Amish heritage. Indulge in the simple pleasures of homemade goodness with Amish Wedding canned goods from Steve’s Farm.

Sac’z Candied Jalapenos

Discover the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with Sac’z Candied Jalapenos, proudly made by our friends in Atmore, Alabama. These delectable treats are a unique twist on a classic favorite, combining the heat of jalapenos with a sweet and tangy sauce. This harmonious fusion of flavors that will delight your taste buds. Whether you enjoy them straight from the jar or use them to add a zesty kick to your favorite dishes, Sac’z Candied Jalapenos bring a burst of flavor to any meal. From burgers and sandwiches to salads and charcuterie boards, these addictive little peppers are a versatile and delicious addition to your culinary repertoire. Taste the Southern charm and fiery sweetness of Sac’z Candied Jalapenos, made locally with pride.

Gourmet Drinks

Experience the charm of imaginative handcrafted decorative planters, bowls and boards from Mexico. Each piece is a testament to the rich artistic heritage of Mexico, showcasing the intricate detailing and skillful techniques of the artisans. These pieces exude warmth, character, and a touch of cultural charm. Whether you’re looking to add a unique accent to your home decor or create a stunning display for your favorite plants, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and artistic beauty. Elevate your space with the authenticity and craftsmanship of these remarkable creations, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Mexico’s artistic traditions.

Blackberry Patch Syrups

Indulge in the luscious sweetness of Blackberry Patch syrups, a true delight for your taste buds. Handcrafted with care and passion, these syrups are made from the finest ingredients, capturing the essence of ripe, succulent fruits and tasty nuts. Choose Sugar Free, Gold Top, Premium 3 Ingredient, or other syrup options, as well as jams, jellies, and preserves. Whether drizzled over pancakes, waffles, or ice cream, or used to enhance the flavors of cocktails and beverages, Blackberry Patch syrups offer a burst of fruity goodness in every drop. With their rich, natural flavors and velvety texture, these syrups bring a touch of Southern charm to your culinary creations. Experience the authentic taste of freshly picked fruits, elevate your dishes and drinks with the exquisite syrups from Blackberry Patch.

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